Counselor Scholarship Application


The Office of Pre-College Programs provides its counselor staff a competitive compensation package, including scholarship awards. A standard counselor scholarship award covers 3-credit hours tuition, including non-resident fees.

Important Facts

  • Each scholarship covers 3-credit hours of tuition and non-resident fees (if applicable).
  • The scholarship covers tuition ONLY, not administrative or course fees.
  • The scholarship does NOT cover 1-credit hour courses, such as labs, if used with another 3-credit hour course.
  • Scholarship awards cover the current rate of tuition applicable to undergraduate or graduate program.
  • Scholarship awards must be used in the academic term received unless given permission otherwise.
  • Scholarship awards may not be broken into smaller scholarship amounts. For example: covering 1-credit hour one term then part of a 3-credit hour course the next term.
  • The scholarship award is not redeemable for cash value. In addition, the scholarship will not disburse as a Bursar refund if over-awarded.

Please submit only one (1) application per semester/session. If redeeming two awards in one semester/session, list both courses in the same field.

Questions/Concerns: Please email any questions or concerns to

Counselor Scholarship Application

Counselor Information
  • Course Information
    • Enter the University of Mississippi course number (ex: BISC 160)
    • Enter the number of credit hours for the listed course. Note that counselor scholarships only cover 3-credit hours of tuition per award.
    Academic Term Information
  • Agreement
    • I certify that the above information is accurate and understand that the requested scholarship award is based on my completion of duties and responsibilities for the Pre-College Program for which I am hired. I understand that if I fail to meet the requirements of my position, the award will be rescinded, and I will be responsible for repaying the scholarship and any other fees associated.
    • Enter your name to sign this form.