Day Camp Program Rules and Guidelines


The Office of Pre-College Programs hosts a wide variety of academic programs and day camps during the summer. All students participating in these programs are obliged to comply with the same rules and guidelines. Below is a list of guidelines for students participating in a summer program at the University of Mississippi. Specific dates, times, locations, and updated information will be emailed to parents and students at least one week prior to the session.

Medical Forms and Additional Paperwork

All participants (and their parents/guardian) are required to complete and return the listed items BEFORE a student is allowed to participate in a Pre-College Program’s summer program. Each item is linked on the camp or workshop webpage.

  • read and sign the following rules and guidelines,
  • complete a summer medical form,
  • complete the COVID compliance form, and
  • upload a copy of insurance card (front and back sides) and a parent/guardian’s drivers license


Daily drop-off is from 7:30 to 8:00 a.m. each day in Lamar Hall (for Rebel Quest and Makers and Mechanisms) and the University of Mississippi Field Station (for Ecology Day Camp). To ensure each students’ safety, an adult must walk the student into the building and sign the student in each morning. We strongly encourage students to arrive by 8:30 a.m. so they will not miss out on any scheduled activities.

On Monday morning, Pre-College Programs staff will check in students, verify the receipt of all required documents, give each student their camp bag and name tag, and direct students to their classroom.

Rebel Quest and Makers and Mechanisms: Please note that morning check in for all students will be at the back of Lamar Hall (entrance opposite of the Grove.

Ecology Day Camp: Check in for Ecology Day Camp students will be at the Education Building at the UM Field Station located at 15 County Road 202, Abbeville, MS.


Daily check-out is between 4:45 to 5:30 p.m. To ensure each students’ safety, an authorized adult must come to the student’s classroom and sign the student out each evening.

Items Needed Everyday

Backpack or tote bag, sunscreen, and a thermos or refillable water bottle (we will have provide one if the student does not have one).

Lunch and Snacks

Rebel Quest: Students should bring their own lunch from Monday-Thursday. They will be provided two (2) snacks per day and lunch on Friday courtesy of Rebel Quest.

Ecology Day Camp: Students should bring their own lunch from Monday-Friday. They will be provided two (2) snacks per day courtesy of Ecology Day Camp.

Makers and Mechanisms: Students should bring their own lunch from Monday-Thursday. They will be provided two (2) snacks per day and lunch on Friday courtesy of Makers and Mechanisms.


Campers will be outside and active much of the time, so your child should wear comfortable, athletic, closed toe shoes (no Crocs, sandals, or flip flops) and casual outfits that are appropriate for outdoor play. Girls should avoid wearing dresses if possible.  We want our campers to be cool and comfortable while participating in outdoor activities.


If your child suffers from an allergy or any other condition, please make sure that they have their medication with them at all times and communicate any medical needs or concerns with the Rebel Quest teachers and counselors. Please note that Pre-College Programs staff, teachers, and counselors cannot administer any medicine, even over the counter medicine, to students.

More Information

You will receive an email the week before each session of the day camp(s) for which the student is registered. The email will include the above information, details about special activities and field trips for the week, and any instructions related to the theme for the week.

Program Rules

Students will be expected to follow all rules set by their camp teacher and counselors. As rules and expectations will change based on the activity that the students are engaging in, students will be given clear instructions and expectations before and during each activity (i.e. crossing the road, playing in the Grove, working on a class activity, and swimming will all have different rules and expectations associated with them).

A few key rules that all students must agree to follow:

  1. Be kind and respectful in your words and in your actions to your classmates, teacher, and counselors.
  2. Never leave a room or activity space (such as the Grove) without permission from a teacher or counselor.
  3. Treat campus property and the property of your classmates gently and with respect.
  4. Do not endanger your safety or that of others.
  5. Do not disrupt programming.

Consequences for Rule Violations

If a student repeatedly breaks these rules and therefore hinders the experience and safety of themselves and/or other students, they will be referred to the program coordinator. Referral to the coordinator the first time will result in a parent conference with the coordinator. Referral to the coordinator a second time will result in dismissal from the remainder of the week. Please note that all fees are non-refundable if a student is dismissed based on rule violations.

Excessive and Severe Violations

Note that excessive or severe rule violations are not tolerated and are grounds for immediate dismissal from the program. Excessive or severe rule violations may include violent conduct, bad language, bullying, disrespect, fighting, hitting, spitting, biting, or any conduct that violates The University of Mississippi Creed.