Summer Camps and Workshops Rules and Guidelines Agreement

Guidelines Overview

The UM Office of Pre-College Programs hosts a wide variety of academic programs and camps during the summer. All students participating in these programs are obliged to comply with the same rules and guidelines. Below is a list of guidelines for commuter students. Specific dates, times, locations, and updated information will be emailed to parents and students two weeks prior to the session.

For Summer 2021, summer camps and workshops will be run either online/virtually or as a commuter day program. This form is only for in-person, commuter day Programs. If attending a online/virtual camp, please complete the appropriate agreement and waiver forms.

Once students and parents/guardians have read the guidelines and rules carefully, please complete and certify the form below.

Orientation and Check-In

Commuter: Orientation will be conducted online. All students are responsible for completing Orientation prior to the start of the program.  

Overview of Activities During the Program

The purpose of all sessions and camps is to introduce students to future career options, college life, and enriching summer activities. Daily schedules are filled with morning and afternoon classes, tours of facilities, team-building activities, and more.

Attendance at Activities: For students to benefit from the college experience, all students are expected to attend all activities and all class sessions.

Commuter students will be dismissed after class is over each day. Supervision will not be available after class.

What to Bring

We recommend that all students bring school supplies such as notebooks and pens. Students may bring their own computer; a computer lab will be available if necessary for the camp. Some camps may require specific clothing (e.g. closed toe shoes for Engineering Camp) – information will be emailed two weeks prior to the camp.

For safety reasons, all students must wear masks. A spare mask is recommended in the event that the original mask becomes soiled or lost.

Meal Plan

Commuter students will eat lunch at the Rebel Market each weekday of the program. The meal plan is loaded on a meal card that the student will receive at check-in.


In the event of an emergency between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm (CST), please call our office at 662-915-7621. If the emergency happens after hours or during the weekend, please call the emergency number that will be provided during orientation. If an emergency occurs on campus, you must contact a counselor, staff, or the director immediately. Contact lists for the staff and other emergency numbers will be given at registration and orientation.

Rules Overview

All Pre-College Programs participants are expected to conduct themselves responsibly, honestly, and with due consideration for others. This expectation for mature and responsible conduct also encompasses accountability for one’s own well-being, including responsible decision-making regarding physical and mental health. All participants of Pre-College Programs must familiarize themselves with the general guidelines and the general rules. Because students are expected to show good judgement at all times, not every kind of misconduct or behavioral expectation is defined here. The following information is to advise students and parents of arrangements, rules, and general expectations.

University Rules

  1. All Pre-College Programs participants must abide by all University of Mississippi rules and regulations. This includes the University of Mississippi Minors on Campus policies, Residence Hall Code of Conduct, Academic Codes, UM Creed, and Pre-College Programs Rules. Failure to comply with any of these rules can lead to disciplinary procedures.
  2. Students are expected to show respect for one another, for program staff, and for all people on campus.
  3. Students are expected to participate constructively in program activities.

Major versus Minor Rule Violations

  1. Minor violations are when a student intends no harm or disrespect for the rules. For example, being too boisterous during an activity is usually a minor violation.
  2. Major violations are when the student shows malice or disrespect of the rules. For example, intentionally harming or bullying another student is a major violation, as is breaking one of the program rules (listed above). In the above minor violation examples, being boisterous in class rises to major level if someone is caused harm or if a student intentionally disregards warnings.
  3. Penalties for minor rule violations include loss of privileges.
  4. The only penalty for a major rule violation is dismissal from the program.

Major Rule Violation Review

  1. If a student is suspected to have broken a major rule, the teacher will determine what has happened and decide consequences in consultation with program staff.
  2. Once the investigation is over and a decision about action has been made, parents for all parties involved will be contacted and given a full report.
  3. One of two actions will be taken according to the rules and general guidelines of The University of Mississippi and the Office of Pre-College Programs:
    • No major violation is found – No disciplinary action will be taken.
    • A major rule violation has occurred – Send student home. (All program fees are non-refundable)


Summer Program Rules and Guidelines Agreement

Student Certification
  • Please type your name to certify this form.
  • Parent or Guardian Certification and Permissions
    Do you authorize UM to capture this participant's name, image, voice, or likeness in still photograph and audio or video recording? I understand that UM may use this content at its sole discretion for its educational purposes in all forms of media, including social media. I understand that I have no edit, inspection, or approval rights. I release, hold harmless, and covenant not to sue UM for any claims that may arise out of the use of my name, image, voice, or likeness including but not limited to, any claims for defamation, invasion of privacy, or copyright infringement.
    Do you authorize the UM Office of Pre-College Programs to take your student on off-campus trips for activities related to the day camp?
    Do you authorize the UM Office of Pre-College Programs to transport your student in a University of Mississippi vehicles?
  • Please type your name to certify this form.